Keyring 2012 is a password manager that stores data in a Blowfish encrypted database.

Keyring is a password manager originally written by David Spencer Tyree. Keyring 2012 is based on version 0.6.8 under the GPL 2 licence.




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Zaurus users need to install libgdbm from my Zaurus Libraries page.

Upgrading from the original Keyring

IMPORTANT: Encrypted password databases from the original Keyring cannot be used by Keyring 2012. If you are currently using the original Keyring software then you should uninstall it before installing Keyring 2012; however to continue using your password database follow these steps:

  1. Backup your /home/zaurus/Applications/keyring/pwd.db file (encrypted password database) by, for example, copying it to an SD card
  2. Export the database using the menu option in Keyring
  3. Delete your pwd.db file
  4. Uninstall Keyring
  5. Install Keyring 2012
  6. When you run Keyring 2012 you will be prompted to delete the exported database - do not select OK
  7. The first time you run Keyring 2012 you will create a new password. You can use the password you were using previously
  8. Import the database
  9. After checking your passwords you can delete the unencrypted database file

Changes in 2012.0