zbedic is a dictionary program for the Zaurus written by Latchesar Ionkov and Rafal Mantiuk; this version of ZBedic implements Thai dictionary sorting order.

Sorting Thai words into order is nontrivial because of the presence of leading vowels and tone markers. Theppitak Karoonboonyanan has written a useful guide to Thai sorting algorithms. The original zbedic supports user defined character precedence when generating a dictionary file but this is not sufficient to support Thai therefore I have patched the bedic library to support Thai dictionary order. I implemented the method by Londe and Warotamasikkhadit.


The difference is in the list of words on the left.

Original sort

Before patching

Thai specific sort

After patching

Notes on Creating Thai Dictionary Files

Asides from my other tips for creating zbedic dictionary files, when using this patched version:


File Size Description MD5
zbedic_1.2-2-LH_arm.ipk 203 KB Zaurus install file 7045d1d1de7393ef58a23c617e23f3b8
thaisort.tar.bz2 111 KB Patches for libbedic and mkbedic binary (ARM) c63a6b94ccd6a1c5eb6c06bf0282f5a8

Note: If you do not use Thai dictionaries then there is no benefit to using my patched version.