Reference Organiser keeps track of technical papers and your reviews/notes on them.

Several years ago I started keeping reviews every time I read a technical paper; mostly to help remember the key points of the paper but also as a source for copying and pasting a summary as the basis of a literature survey.

Reference Organiser helps to manage the creation of reviews and acts as a search engine to locate a particular paper and the notes that go with it.



Main window

Main Window
Papers/reviews are listed by their citation. From here you can filter the list; add, edit or delete a review. You can list papers without reviews and reviews missing papers. More advanced filtering is available using the search function

Edit window

Editing a Review
You can enter basic metadata and generate a unique citation that does not duplicate an existing citation

Search window

Basic search is on a logical OR basis except for the year range. Keywords can be quoted with spaces. Results are unordered. Results from the last search are available as a filter in the main window.


Evaluate the quality of your database using very simple metrics.


The idea of the simple format means that the reviews can easily be reformatted and imported into other software.

Future Plans/Ideas/Wishlist


File Size Platform MD5
RefOrg-1.2-x86_64.AppImage 31 MB Linux AppImage 04819383b8f4ee8c8ae89542a1b5a9c9
RefOrg-1.2.dmg 12 MB MacOS X bbea6f2db42202bb2f5215d24d4e8dd8 19 MB Windows bb4a1084080b4ef2b00585ee99ae4399

Source code is on github


The Linux version is packaged using AppImage to make a distribution agnostic executable. Download the file, rename it to ReferenceOrganiser, make it executable using chmod a+x ReferenceOrganiser and run.

For the Mac version, download the DMG, double click to mount it and copy the application to your Applications folder. You may need to change your Security and Privacy preferences to allow you to run applications from "identified developers".

The Windows version is built on Windows 10 but should work on most modern versions. It is not digitally signed and therefore you may have to deal with annoying warnings claiming that this application is dangerous. Unzip the download and copy the RefOrg-X.Y directory to somewhere on your PC. You can then make a shortcut and place it on your desktop or whatever.


This software is licensed under the GNU GPL (version 3).