Speak Real Thai is a website aimed at helping people learn advanced Thai language, using real language that hopefully any Thai person would say sounds natural. Many books use example scripts that are wooden and unrealistic, a native speaker would have to spend more mental effort to convert what they are hearing to something they understand. In Speak Real Thai the aim is to use more natural language but on the right side of formal, so that conversations can run more smoothly.

SRT took several years to piece together and develop from various ideas. I couldn't possibly have written it without lots of help from a few Thai friends. I edited most of the pages using BareEd and gvim. Each page is further processed using a Rebol script to add template information.

I began to find errors due to my ignorance of Thai typing rules and the fact that some browsers were more robust at handling them. Now I have corrected all mistakes and verified this using thaicheck, my letter sequence checker, although this does not detect spelling or language errors. The HTML was validated using the w3 validator.