The official JKA Shotokan Kata plus two unofficial kata are tabulated to show their relative position, time and distance.

Number of moves and kiai kyodo are taken from "Best Karate" when given.

Duration times are taken from an average of a. Best Karate, b. Videos on YouTube by reknowned masters, c. my own interpretation. Best Karate gives an approximate time for most but not all kata. The time taken to perform a kata depends on the size of the person doing it: I am slightly above average height but compared to some masters I may be considered much taller. Kata performed in videos are often slower than the ideal speed for the purposes of instruction.

It is assumed that there is a standard area available that is large enough for performing Heian Shodan, all measurements are relative to this. Start, size and jump distance are based on the principle that Kata should return to the start position. Stance lengths are all for zenkutsu-dachi.

If you have enough space to perform Heian Shodan, then for Sochin you will need to start "+1.5N" meaning "an additional 1.5 stance lengths North" and the size of "+1W+1S" means "an additional 1 stance to the West and 1 stance length South will be required". I have not recorded where less space is required.

The Jump column shows how much distance should be travelled by the jump(s).

All values are approximate. I suggest that you take this table as a rough guide and verify for yourself the actual values. Please contact me if you find any gross errors.

NameMoves (Kiai)DurationStartSizeJump
Heian Shodan 平安初段21 (9,17)00m40s00 
Heian Nidan 平安2段26 (11,26)00m40s+1N0 
Heian Sandan 平安3段20 (10,20)00m40s0+1N 
Heian Yondan 平安4段27 (13,25)00m50s+1N0 
Heian Godan 平安5段23 (12,19)00m50s002
Tekki Shodan 鉄騎初段29 (15,29)00m50s00 
Tekki Nidan 鉄騎2段24 (16,24)00m50s+1W0 
Tekki Sandan 鉄騎3段36 (16,36)00m30s0+1E 
Bassai Dai 抜塞大42 (19,42)01m00s+1N0 
Kanku Dai 観空大65 (15,64)01m30s+1N02
Jitte 十手24 (13,24)01m00s+1N+1N 
Hangetsu 半月41 (11,40)01m00s00 
Empi 燕飛37 (15,36)01m00s1+0.5W+0.5N1.25
Gankaku 岩鶴42 (28,42)01m05s+1N01
Jion 慈恩47 (17,47)01m00s+1N+1N 
Bassai Sho 抜塞小27 (17,22[1]) 00m50s00 
Kanku Sho 観空小47 (6[2],47)01m00s+1N0a. 0, b. 1
Chinte 珍手33 (9,32)00m55s+2N0 
Unsu 雲手48 (36,48)01m00s+1N+0.5N0
Sochin 壮鎮40 (28,40)01m00s+1.5N+1W+1S 
Nijushiho 二十四歩 [3]34 (10,33)00m50s+2N+2S 
Gojushiho Dai 五十四歩大62 (54,61)01m40s0+1.5N 
Gojushiho Sho 五十四歩小65 (57,64)01m25s0+0.5W+0.5E+1.5N 
Meikyo 明鏡33 (32)00m50s+1N+2N2
Jiin 慈陰35 (11,35) [4]00m50s+1N+1.5N 
Wankan 王冠21 (5,21) [5]00m25s00 


[1] Best Karate gives the second kiai on 25.
[2] Best Karate gives the first kiai on 28.
[3] Best Karate shows move 26 twice.
[4] Jiin is not considered an official kata therefore there is no standard kyodo.
[5] Wankan is not considered an official kata therefore there is no standard kyodo. In Kanazawa-shihan's book "Karate:The Complete Kata", Wankan is given as 16 moves.

In my 2007 JKA Diary there are some other discrepancies that I haven't been able to reconcile: