Announcement: Southwest CVML

08 April 2024

I have set up a new group called Southwest CVML. It is a group for people in the Bristol, UK area who are interested in Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

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Upgrading a Linux Computer

25 March 2024

I recently made a major upgrade to my Linux desktop computer and I wanted to try to do it without installing a new OS.

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Bezzera Hobby Drip Tray Rebuild

25 March 2024

The drip tray valve on my Bezzera Hobby seized; I had to source and fit replacement parts.

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Website Updated

06 February 2024

You may have noticed that in January there was a small update to the site and part of that involved the removal of the Thai and Japanese language sections. Have I lost interest in those languages? No, but every time I wanted to make a tiny news update to the site I had to update 3 times in 3 languages. It's OK for a multinational company to do that but for an individual it was too much work. In the past I kept those sections small to try to keep them manageable but they always felt incomplete, especially when so many of my projects are technical and therefore so much harder to translate.

Using a Logitech C270 Webcam in Linux

07 January 2024

I bought an inexpensive webcam so I could do some development with a camera. I had no idea how well it would be supported in Linux.

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Reference Organiser Update

17 September 2023

Just when you thought this project was dormant, no, I have been steadily improving it and adding new features:

The version is now listed as 1.3. This is not a release, but too much has changed to just sit on it for longer. See the project page for screenshots of the new features.

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TVK Source Code Release

23 May 2023

I tidied up the source code for my Thai Virtual Keyboard Qt widget and uploaded it to github.

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libbedic Fork

05 July 2022

Recently I started a new fork of an older project, libbedic. I actually started modifying this library some time ago but didn't keep a full log of changes so I started again. My goal is to update the code to modern C++ and hopefully streamline some of it.

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Filenote Release

04 October 2020

Belated announcement of a mini project to emulate the filenote command from AmigaDOS using scripts.

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Sontana 1.9, Linux Release

11 November 2018

This is a binary release of Sontana 1.9 for Linux, using the AppImage system. Sontana is a Thai text editor.

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