As an Engineer, for a long time I have been saying "One day I will get into Raspberry Pi and Arduino".

I've got a Raspberry Pi model 4B which I am mostly using for Pi-hole. There are a few other things running on there but I find that I don't want to do too much experimentation as it's running an important network service.

I got hold of a Raspberry Pi Zero W, so now it's time to play! How much trouble can I get myself into with a single core processor?

Raspberry Pi Zero W

Then I also acquired a Pi Zero 2 W which has 4 cores, so now I can get into 5 times as much trouble :)

Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

And now I have some ESP-01S single 32 bit core microcontrollers.

ESP-01S with programmer

These are my notes:

  1. Pi Zero W Set Up
  2. Static IP address configuration
  3. Setting up a webserver
  4. Configuring a static website
  5. Acquiring data from a temperature and humidity sensor
  6. Setting up my Pi Zero 2 W as a second Pi-hole and monitoring it with Prometheus
  7. Pi Zero 2 W Setup Part 2: finding my Pi unresponsive I ended up reinstalling it