These fonts are suitable for both Thai and English on the Zaurus. They can also be used on any Qtopia based platform. This is part of my Thai on Zaurus Project.

If you are the owner of any of these fonts and do not want me to distribute them then please send an email to emptystate at yahoo dot co dot uk.

The Fonts

Angsana screenshot


Tahoma screenshot



It is important to read the notes in the next section, especially the warning before installation.

Font Make Default Add to Fonts
Garuda garuda-sysfont_1.0_arm.ipk garuda-font_1.0_arm.ipk
Loma loma-sysfont_1.0_arm.ipk loma-font_1.0_arm.ipk
Norasi norasi-sysfont_1.0_arm.ipk norasi-font_1.0_arm.ipk
Purisa purisa-sysfont_1.0_arm.ipk purisa-font_1.0_arm.ipk
Angsana angsana-sysfont_1.0_arm.ipk angana-font_1.0_arm.ipk
Tahoma tahoma-sysfont_1.0_arm.ipk tahoma-font_1.0_arm.ipk
Handina handina-sysfont_1.0_arm.ipk handina-font_1.0_arm.ipk
IannnnnISO iannnnn-sysfont_1.0_arm.ipk iannnnn-font_1.0_arm.ipk
Naipol naipol-sysfont_1.0_arm.ipk naipol-font_1.0_arm.ipk
SP Normal sp-normal-sysfont_1.0_arm.ipk sp-normal-font_1.0_arm.ipk
Thunderfox thunderfox-sysfont_1.0_arm.ipk thunderfox-font_1.0_arm.ipk
ZF Cursivo zfcursivo-sysfont_1.0_arm.ipk zfcursivo-font_1.0_arm.ipk