Filenote is a project to use scripts to emulate the filenote capability of AmigaDOS.

Filesystems used in AmigaDOS have the ability to add a note to a file. This is a simple string containing text that was displayed when using the list command or when opening the information window of the icon representing the file.

Historical documentation can be found here.


Filenote features include:


See the Github repository

Or directly:

git clone


Make sure the two shell scripts are in your path. There is no other installation.

Parameter Explanation

Usage: [-d] filename [note]

The -d option deletes the note associated with filename. note is a string representing a filenote and should be properly quoted and escaped. If no note is specified the command reads the note and echos it. If a note is specified any existing note is overwritten.

Usage: does not take any parameters.


Adding a filenote:

   $ mkdir TestDirectory
   $ cd TestDirectory
   $ touch test_file
   $ test_file "File containing testing information"
   $ test_file
   File containing testing information

Change a filenote by overwriting it:

   $ test_file "File containing mostly testing information"

List files and show any notes:

   total 0
   -rw-r--r-- 1 lyndon lyndon 0 Oct  3 21:05 test_file
   File containing mostly testing information
   $ test_file
   File containing mostly testing information
Note that the file must be specified when using

Delete a filenote:

   $ -d test_file
   total 0
   -rw-r--r-- 1 lyndon lyndon 0 Oct  3 21:05 test_file

Add a filenote to a directory:

   $ cd ..
   $ TestDirectory "Information for all tests"
   total 4
   drwxr-xr-x 2 lyndon lyndon 4096 Oct  3 21:05 TestDirectory
   Information for all tests

This software is licensed under the GNU GPL (version 3).