Position the mouse over the spoiler boxes to read. If you haven't seen these movies then my comments probably won't make any sense.

Ghost in the Shell

As a fan of the original anime, I was surprised that they didn't botch this. They did a good job of rewriting the story while retaining most of the original scenes albeit in a different order.

The protagonist shouldn't have been called "Major" as if that was her name and she should have worn a veil to cover her head when using the thermoptic camoflage.

I wonder if Scarlett Johansson had any thoughts on the idea that her body was as good as one designed to be perfect.

Power Rangers (2016)

I really liked the "Zordon wall" effect and the back story of Zordon and Rita being former Power Rangers.

It took way too long for the rangers to get their armour. It was like they stretched out a single episode to make a full length movie but didn't add any extra detail.

Jupiter Ascending

Amazing visuals.

Evil characters are not so scary when you can't hear what they are mumbling. Plodding and obvious story. Disappointing.

The Great Wall

So Matt Damon's character was the bestest fighter in all of asia. far superior to any fighter living there. They shouldn't even try.

Rogue One

The only way the Empire can get good engineers these days is to kidnap them, kill their families, force them to work on designing mega weapons, then promote them to a high rank. The Dilbert principle is alive in a galaxy far, far away.

The Force Awakens

A million times better than any of the prequels.

Although everyone who is gifted in the force takes several years of training, Rey can best an experienced and trained force user (who has followed the dark side and thus learnt quicker) even though she barely even knows anything about the force and had to be told by Han "the stories were true". She had no reason to try to use the force to persuade the guard to let her go after she was captured.

How did R2D2 work out where the fragment of map fitted into the map of the universe when he was shutdown ? How is it that only R2D2 could work out where it fitted, hadn't they been using other computers to try to find it ?

Jack Reacher (1 and 2)

Engaging story and Jack Reacher is a good character.

Tom Cruise is too short and isn't tough or gritty enough to be Jack Reacher.

Fortunately, he manages a performance that overcomes most of this problem.

The Martian

A scientifically accurate movie that is entertaining. Finally!

Hated the cheesy music. It seemed like a lazy excuse to skip having to make a soundtrack. I don't know if it was in the original book, but I could have done without it.

The Hobbit

I know there was a lot of criticism about The Hobbit, but I enjoyed it, it really brought the world of middle earth to life.

I think there was more than enough story in the original book to not need Peter Jackson to add his own additional material that was never there. However, I can understand how some parts of the story had A to C where B seems to be missing and he felt a need to show that.

Tron: Legacy

I liked how they moved on from the original story; the new grid looked fantastic.

It's such a shame that the action was so slow paced, there were 3 main action sequences: breaking in and base jumping at the start, the light cycle battle and the dog fight at the end but none of them were exciting. Cillian Murphy and Bruce Boxleitner were wasted.


Kind of like a cross between Eon (Greg Bear) and Babel-17 (Samuel Delany).

It seems a bit grim for the protagonist to start a relationship with the foreknowledge that she will have a child and it will die.


Fun movie if you ignore the (lack of) science.

Horribly fake Hollywood version of academia. Why don't script writers ever visit a real university as part of their research ?

How is it that Lucy was living in Taiwan without a job ? Her ultimate evolved state was a USB thumb drive ?